Sustainable Art Prize (SWAP), Ecco Homo, Dark Vanilla Jungle and North Ryde Fun Run

On Today’s show

  1. Chris speaks to Curator Cassandra Hard Lawrie, Mayor Bill Pickering and some of the winners of the Sustainable Waste to Art Prize.
  2. Amie speaks with Richard Lowenstein about the film called Ecco Homo.
  3. Amie speaks to Director Fiona Hallenan Barker about the production Dark Vanilla Jungle.
  4. Andrew speaks to Mike Hetherington the Operations Manager of the North Ryde Fun Run

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Yvonne Kenny, NZ Trio, Gambling Help, US politics

On today’s show:

  • Chris speaks to legendary soprano Yvonne Kenny ahead of her performance with pianist Simon Tedeschi at Riverside Theatre on Sunday, August 30.
    More info here.
  • More from Riverside! Chris speaks to violinist Justine Cormack from modern classical group NZTrio who will be at Riverside this coming Sunday about what they’re into and what we can expect from the performance.
    More info here.
  • Problem gambling is right under the radar and an extremely challenging area to reach the people that need help and Life Line is providing free help to problem gamblers as well as friends and family affected by someone they know that has a gambling problem.
    Amie speaks to Jeanette Svehla, Life Line’s Gambling Help Manager and Psychologist.
    More info here.
  • A week or so ago, President Obama announced a program to tackle climate change. But… just how green is the President? Regular correspondent from Detroit Valerie Van De Panne is on the line to discuss.

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Mosman Art Prize, Ryde Eisteddfod, US Politics & Amie at the City to Surf for UNHCR

On Today’s Show

  1. Chris speaks to curator Katrina Cashman about the Mossman Art Prize
  2. Andrew attends a night of Public Speaking & Drama with the Ryde Eisteddfod. He speaks to Speech Coordinator Gabrielle O’Donnell, Adjudicator Judith Burgess and some of the winners.
  3. Chris speaks to Detroit-based journalist Valerie Van De Panne to find out a bit more a Democrat hopeful Bernie Sanders and (can we help) what the Trumpster been up to.
  4. Radioactive’s very own Amie phones in to tell us about her having a go in the City to Surf for United Nations High Commission for Refugees.

To listen to today’s interviews click here

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Orchestra seventeen88, Transparency, SWAP and US election coverage

On Today’s show

  1. Chris speaks to Detroit-based journalist Valerie Van De Panne with more on the presidential debate including Barack Obama’s plans on Climate Change.
  2. Chris speaks to Clarinetist Nicole Van Bruggen about Orchestra seventeen 88’s upcoming performance in Strathfield.
  3. Andrew speaks to Publicity Officer Maria Andrews about the production Transparency playing at the Theater on Chester.
  4. Chris also speaks to curator Cassandra Hard-Lawrie about the upcoming Sustainable Waste to Art Prize (SWAP) exhibition at the Sea Street Galley.

To listen to Today’s Interviews click here

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Blood in The Coal, Nyctophilia and Culture Wars 2

On Today’s Show

  • We speak to Paddy Gorman, director of a new documentary, Blood on the Coal – The Queensland Miners’ Story. It tells the story of the Queensland coalfields, for 150 years a bitter industrial battleground. Check out the trailer and more at
  • Photographer Ben Ali Ong is having his first show in three years – Nyctophilia at Artereal Gallery in Rozelle. Check out the show catalogue.
  • And finally, we speak to curator Saha Jones about Aboriginal artist Gordon Syron’s show – Culture Wars II – at the Downing Centre in the city.

To listen to today’s interviews, click here

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What is the matter with Mary Jane, Mystery Musical 2, Michael Griffiths in Vogue, Moocooboola & US Presidential Election

On todays show

  • Amie speaks Director of the production “what is the matter with Mary Jane”.
  • Andrew speaks to Hunters Hill councillor Zack Miles about the Moocooboola Festival.
  • Chris speaks to acclaimed cabaret performer Michael Griffiths about his production.
  • Amie talks to Artistic Director Jay James Moody about the second Mystery Musical Production.
  • Chris speaks to Detroit-based journalist Valerie Van De Panne about a big week in US Politics.

Click here to listen to today’s interviews

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Mrs Miss & Miss Teen Australia International Pageant, Beat Cancer Boot camp, Club Savvy, US 2016 Presidential Election

On today’s show:

  • Amie speaks to Ferial Youakim about the Mrs Miss & Miss Teen Australia International Pageant
  • Amie also speaks to Geselle Tadoros, a finalists of the Mrs Miss Miss Teen Australia Pageant about the fundraiser “beat cancer boot camp
  • Chris speaks to performer Dominic about Cab Savvy at Delmar Gallery is Ashfield next Tuesday
  • Chris also speaks to Detroit based journalist Valerie Van De Panne about the US presidential election.

Click here to listen

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Ryde Eisteddfod, Merrily we roll along at Riverside, more Valerie

Today on Radio Active Friday edition on 2RRR.88.5FM

  • Andrew speaks to Dawn Nettheim and Edna Wilde about this year’s Ryde Eisteddfod program from. More information here.
  • Amie speaks to director Craig Stewart about Lyric Ensemble’s production of Merrily We Roll Along at Riverside Theatre. More information here.
  • In our continuing series on the US Presidential election, Chris speaks with Valerie Van De Panne about what it’s like to be a woman in American Politics. More information on Valerie here.

Click here to listen.

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Mission Armenia, Run for refugees, US Presidential election

First up, Andrew speaks to North Ryde resident Sassoon Grigorian about his plan to trek up Mt Ararat in Turkey. He’s raising funds for Mission Armenia to help provide food and supplies to Armenians in the Middle East. To donate, click here.

Amie speaks to Greg Mills from UNHCR. They are one of the charities participating in this year’s City to Surf to help fleeing refugees. To donate and for more information, click here.

Chris speaks to Andrew Chuter about a rally against WestConnex. Click here.

And we have another chat with our U.S. Correspondent Valerie Vanderpanne.

Click here to listen.

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Hungry for Art, Vice and Heart Kids

On today’s show

  • Cassandra Hard-Lawrie joins us in the studio to tell us about Ryde’s upcoming Hungry for Art Festival
  • Amie talks to Melvin Morrow, writer of the new production “Vice” that looks at sexual abuse in schools
  • Amie also talks to Bianca Ciccia about the charity Heart Kids.

Click here to listen.

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