Between the Dancers

Andrew speaks with Author Jacquiline Dinan about the story

of Peggy Williams who was apart of the womens land army during

World War 2.

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Short + Sweet Sydney

Amie chats to the Director Alana Teasdale from the Short +

Sweet Theatre. She was talking about the upcoming Festival and some of

the productions.


Christmas Concert Review

Andrew reports from the Cameratta Academica of the Antipeties Christmas Concert

firstly speaking with Director Imogine Coward before the



Andrew then chats with Director Imagon Coward after their concert comences.


Andrew also talks to some of the perfomers. He speaks with Kal on Violin followed by vocalist Ngarie and Vinocelloist Jemma.


Carols on the Park

Andrew firstly speaks with Events Manager of

Hunters Hill Council on the Carols on the Park

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Andrew then chats with Performer Sarah from the Gladesville RSL Youth Dance Club.


Plus Andrew gets a bit of a commnity prospective of the Carols on the

Park speaking to local resident Christine from the area.


Originally broadcast on 2RRR 88.5 FM, Friday December 11, 2015 @ 09:00